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Chastity cuckold device male cage 3D Print BDSM [Cage + 4 Rings] 贞操男用 BDSM 1067

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When it gets dry, cages might have white scratches, it is normal; please use hand cream/moisturiser to maintain it.


Cage Size 尺寸

Hand Measured By Me

(This is the cage length ONLY)

Please factor in some human errors.


Given by Factory

(This Is Total Length=Cage+Ring)


XXXS 超微 ~3.9cm

Nano 微小

(Most Popular Size)

~4.7cm 7.2cm
Small 小号 ~6.2cm 9.0cm
Large 大号 ~8.4cm
 Set Includes:

 1*Cage,4*Rings, 1*Key & 5* One time key

Ring Size: 4.2cm, 4.5cm, 4.8cm & 5.2cm

      **This is done with 3D print, and noting the material, we can provide a 1-month warranty for any brokerage to the cage; please take a pic of the broken cage and WhatsApp Here. // You can also reduce the chance of brokerage by keeping the cage moisturised.**