Leakage Sale!

This is a special sale due to the water leakage in the air conditioning for Toys.

-Some of the cover boxes are drenched/wet during the leakage

-The item is in good condition; just expect some items won't come with a box or box not in the best condition

-Feel free to come down for viewing and test out the products~/ first come first serve basis

-Sale price is not stackable with other promos 

-Sales Price has to order via Kris

-Please check availability with Kris (WhatsApp Telegram / Wechat: yuboguo98)


The following item will be going on a leakage sale! 


Item Code U.P. Sales Price Remark
Hand & leg (2 Pair) bondage C BDSM  手脚铐(2对)捆绑C BDSM 1075 20 15 Only the Thigh Bondage (1 Pair: Left & Right)
Pink nipple wire vibrator 粉色连线乳夹跳蛋 1047
50 42

-Cover box is wet

AK-HOT Flesh Light OH YEAH CUP Electric Masturbator (BLOWJOB)  东京热AK HOT震动口交飞机杯 (口交款) 1034 40 35 -Water stains
EXE Taimanin Igawa Asagi replica EXE对魔忍不知火动漫名器男用成人用品飞机杯倒模 1241 130 110 -Cover box is wet & crumpled 
Pink deer vibrator  粉色鹿鹿震动棒 1042  40 36 -Stains
Mic pink USB charging vibrator wand  粉色麦克风震动棒 1024 35 30 -No More Box
Pink rabbit wireless vibrator 粉色兔子无线跳蛋 1053 45 40 -Box Wet
Levett AV purple vibrator  AV紫色按摩棒 1199 55 50 -Box with water stain
Purple bullet vibrator   紫色5频震动棒1030 36 31 -Box Wet
Purple wireless vibrator  紫色无线遥控跳蛋 1168 65 60 -Box wet
Pill size small wireless vibrator 胶囊无线跳蛋 1026- Yellow 38 33 -Box Wet/light water stain
Pill size small wireless vibrator 胶囊无线跳蛋 1026- Pink
38 33
-Box Wet/light water stain
Lil bro cock penis ring delay vibrator  男用硅胶震动锁精环 1170 45 40 -Box Wet
Pink Duo small vibrator USB  粉色双跳蛋USB 1010 18 15 -Box Wet
Secret vibe pink wireless vibrator 秘密挑逗粉色无线跳蛋 1049 48 43 -Box Wet
Lipstick USB charging wireless vibrator 口红便携无线跳蛋 1046 42 38 -Box Wet
Flesh Light Angie MILF Masturbator 飞机杯安琪熟妇 1025 35 31 -Box Wet
Ultra AV vibrator wand 极速AV按摩棒 1048 60 55 -Box Wet
JEUSN dildo 久兴仿真阳具 1022- Amateur  38 33 -Box Wet
JEUSN dildo 久兴仿真阳具 1022- Level up 40 35 -Box Wet