Leakage Sale!

Something has leaked!
And, that is our store room air-con for storing toys!
Some of the toy's cover box gets drenched. So we are offering those affected products on sale!

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Plain, simple & privacy.

No logo & company name will be displayed on the box.

One-time opening mechanic to prevent anyone from fooling your parcel.

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Bringing it forward

NaughtySG 1% CSR Movement

Contributing 1% of our monthly margin to a charity program.

Small amount, but do hope as a small start up we can help those who are in need.

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NaughtySG is a new start-up based in Singapore.

Offering a range of products; lingeries, vibrators, BDSM toys, stockings etc... 

Things that enhance or spice up the ordinary life.

Be open, do explore, get naughty and stay safe.